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DB Current Intercontinuity

These are going to be organized as I go. In the meantime they will not be released in the order of when they were released but rather the chronological order. Also I had this for awhile but it's not perfect so.. have fun
Timeline 1 - Overall a simple and nice timeline, nothing too big
Dante vs Evil Cole / Donte vs Evil Cole (Infamous) - 
In here Beast Cole arrives in a city and is about to wreck havoc. He’s still in good terms with Sasha and actually has the Reapers leading his army, or at least made any conduit he created wear those. Before he can proceed any further Dante arrives and resists his assault. With a bit of help from Kat he’s able to actually harm Cole and with it manages to win against Beast Cole. Of course his demise is not fully shown but whether or not Evil Cole is up to me… And Sasha won’t be happy to know that her boyfriend is gone
Scenes I love in this DB
:iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 6 42


Last time I orgasmed was when OPM Episode 1's finale was shown

No translation? Give it time folks, OPM chapter is coming today. 

Journal History


I am a writer albeit a barely decent one, 45% chance of being a sucky one
I am also an artist, albeit a horrible one
I love anime, video games, any franchises even original from the web as long as they seem interesting enough

But most of all, I love crossovers

Favorite Anime
Magi the Labyrinth of Magic and Attack on Titan

Favorite Western Game
inFAMOUS (PS3), Command and Conquer series

Favorite Eastern Games
Touhou Project (PC) and Danganronpa

Favorite Book or Novel series
... To aru Majutsu

Movies I will watch in the future (All of them done!)
Rise of the Guardians
Wreck it ralph
Sherlock Holmes Game of shadows

Movies I will remember by writing here
Mars needs moms

Let me give you an explanation... I have a vast mind. I can't stick with one idea or one person. Staying with someone can get boring fast. Sure its fun the first 15 minutes or day, but unless I find something to connect with them (interests/hobbies) well I get bored of the, And even then I still get bored of them regardless. That's why I keep switching between fanfics and works.

Anyway, I'm also Canadian. So I'm supposed to be nice like in the stereotype. Well I'm a damn psycopath if you push me around, so don't make me angry~ then again only great idiots with high egos or dumbassery can get me pissed.

I have labels for you, you types of people
Good Friend! - A good friend. I hang out and talk with you due to us sharing the same hobbies. I do a lot of stuff with you
The watched one - You have awesome stuff so I watch you without really talking to you. Probably because you stopped responding, or I don't want to talk to you
Watcher - You're cool but I barely have the time to respond
Neutral - Someone I don't really talk to, but know. We may avoid each other or we just don't really see/talk to each other
Negative - I hate you. Period.

Also, I get busy a lot doing misc stuff. So yeah, don't expect anything.
And Also I share this account with my brother


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